The YouDee provides various Programs and activities for children age 3-12 years old, 13-18 years old and family to all age.


Our programs:

Educational trips we provide an Environmental & Sustainable Learning-based program, focusing on an environmental, agriculture, cultural and community service incorporate with school curricular bring outside the class room.  

Extra-curriculum Activity (After School Program) the program for the young learner to develop skills through participating in our creative and fun activities.


Volunteering program

Either Teaching English to monk school, work for elephant sanctuary or working in an organic farm and learning hill tribe life. Great benefits helping to improve the quality of local life and positive benefit for volunteer.


Camp & Family camp

Kids Camp & Family Camp program building a strong sense of positive values, build healthy relationships and have fun while learning nature and eco-tourism for all members.


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ECA (Extra Curricular after School Activities)

“Creativity takes courage”

-Henri Matisse.-

We offer various activities which emphasize children gaining leadership experience and social skills through participating in our creative and fun activities.


The YouDee After School Program designed to support young learner ages from 4 to 12 years old. We currently offered our program to many top-rank international schools in Bangkok.


Whether it is painting on canvas, Jewelry making or DIY craft we can design after school program that best for your school needed.

Our program :

  • STEM Art & Craft

  • Creative Art & Craft

  • 3D Art & Craft

  • Jewelry Making & Designs

  • Music Movement & Indoor games

  • Mixed Media Art on Canvas (Painting on Canvas)

   Please contact us for more information.


We are work with many top ranks International School in Bangkok such as

Bangkok Pattana School, Shrewsbury International School, Concordian International

School, Ruamrudee International School,  Ascot International School KIS International School, SISB International School.

Benefits of Art & Craft for child development.

1     . Develop Fine Motor Skills, improve their manual dexterity, building independence and confidence.

2.    Creativity stimulating to a child’s imagination, allowing them to explore and express their creativity.

3.    Cognitive Skills A project that requires some degree of planning, such as making patterns, choosing

       colors for a project, they employ planning and problem-solving skills.

4.     Social and Communication Skills By talking about their projects among themselves, and expressing

        which colors or patterns they like, they can boost their vocabulary skills and practice their self-


5.    Bilateral Coordination the act of using both hands simultaneously to complete tasks involves both

      hands moving cooperatively and effectively.

6.    Visual-Motor Skills Projects can help children to develop their visual-motor skills as they learn to

       replicate what they see on pattern and colors.